Headteacher’s Letter 18th June 2020

Dear Parents/ Carers,
I hope that you are all well including your loved ones and extended family. I also hope that whilst we are all remaining alert and are all continuing to take safety precautions that your levels of anxiety are reducing as the situation country-wide and in Leeds is changing for the better. We have operated a safe environment now for three weeks in school and from 22 June there are only four weeks of the term left. I now strongly encourage you to take up the place offered for the key year groups – Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6. By 22 June. We are now widening the age groups we are taking and once we expand, as the government has explained, it may not be possible to take your child at a later date as we are observing the recommendations about smaller class size which requires careful planning and staffing. We are also accommodating vulnerable pupils and those of key workers. Year 5 will be returning for half a week on Monday 22 June and we look forward to welcoming the majority of the class  who will be catching up on vital learning before Year 6. 12 Year 2 children will also be starting on Monday 22 June.
School is also providing the chance to socialise with friends and the normality of the routines and school day. Please, if you have not yet accepted your offer of a return school, consider carefully, at this stage, the detriment of time away from friends and normal schooling. It would be a pity to regret not sending your child at a future date. As you know, if you ring school we are always happy to help and to discuss any problems or fears.

Best wishes,
J. Turner

June Turner
Beecroft Primary School

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