Welcome to the home learning page.

On a weekly basis we are adding home learning tasks for the children to complete. 

Week 8: 5th July


Week 7: 1st March

Class_6NB_week 7_plan

Class_6NB_week 7_Cocoa farmers

Class_6NB_week 7_ Equivalent fractions 1

Class_6NB_week 7_Equivalent Fractions 2

Class_6NB_week 7_Equivalent fractions 3

Class_6NB_week 7_fairtrade reading task

Class_6NB_week 7_Loop Cards

Class_6NB_week 7_MatchThree Equivalent Fractions

Class_6NB_week 7_Mean of decimals

Class_6NB_week 7_Shop To Spread A Smile

Class_6NB_week 7_The Lost World Comprehension

Class_6NB_week 7_Figure of 8 Challenge

Class_6NB_week 7_Burpees Challenge

Week 6: 22nd February

Class_6NB_week 6_plan

Class_6NB_week 6_Breaking up the bar

Class_6NB_week 6_chocolate bar wrappers

Class_6NB_week 6_Determiners More

Class_6NB_week 6_Fair Trade starter photo

Class_6NB_week 6_Fair Trade Venn Diagram

Class_6NB_week 6_Fraction-of-Amounts-Reasoning

Class_6NB_week 6_fractions 1

Class_6NB_week 6-fractions 2

Class_6NB_week 6_fractions 3

Class_6NB_week 6_Fractions 4

Class_6NB_week 6_Letter from Lynda

Class_6NB_week 6_Life in Mim

Class_6NB_week 6_Monday Modal Verbs

Class_6NB_week 6_silent letter spellings

Class_6NB_week 6_Tuesday Modal Verbs

Class_6NB_week 6_Wall Ball

Class_6NB_week 6_What’s in chocolate

Class_6NB_week 6_Zig Zag Relay

Week 5: 8th February

Class_6NB_Week 5_Plan

Class_6NB_Week 5_All the colours of the rainbow

Class_6NB_Week 5_Bodmas

Class_6NB_Week 5_Emmeline Pankhurst Book

Class_6NB_Week 5_Fingerspelling-Left-Handed

Class_6NB_Week 5_Fingerspelling-Right-Handed

Class_6NB_Week 5_Step In Step Out

Week 4: 1st February

Class_6NB_Week 4_Plan

Class_6NB_Week 4_How Do Animals See

Class_6NB_Week 4_Negative Numbers A3 Sheet

Class_6NB_Week 4_Suffragette Evidence

Class_6NB_Week 4_Wednesday Negative Numbers

Class_6NB-Week 4_ Monday Negative Numbers

Week 3: 25th January


Class_6NB_week 3_Votes For Women questions

Class_6NB_week 3_Votes For Women reading

Week 2: 18th January

Class_6NB_wk 2_plan

Class_6NB_wk 2_debating

Class_6NB_wk 2_tarsia

Week 1: 11th January


Class_6NB_wk1_UK Parliament

Class_6NB_wk 1_Parliament quiz

Class_6NB_wk 1_Monday 11th Problems

Class_6NB_wk1_Long Multiplication Worksheet answers

Class_6NB_wk 1_Long Multiplication Worksheet