Welcome to the home learning page.

On a weekly basis we are adding home learning tasks for the children to complete.

Week 7: 1st March

Class_3LS_week 7_plan

Class_3LS_week 7_Fairtrade home learning grid

Class_3LS_week 7_Monday_Compare lengths

Class_3LS_week 7_spellings

Class_3LS_week 7_Tuesday_Add lengths

Class_3LS_week 7_Wednesday_Subtract lengths

Week 6: 22nd February

Class_3LS_week 6_plan

Class_3LS_week 6_Equivalent lengths – mm and cm

Class_3LS_week 6_LCWC words with -sion and -tion-1

Class_3LS_week 6 -Monday measure length

Class_3LS_week 6_Tuesday_Equivalent lengths

Week 5: 8th February

Class_3LS_Week 5_Plan

Class_3LS_Week 5_Monday _Give change

Class_3LS_Week 5_Spellings

Class_3LS_Week 5_Tuesday_Make tally charts

Class_3LS_Week 5_Wednesday_Interpret pictograms

Week 4: 1st February

Class_3LS_Week 4-plan

Class_3LS_Wednesday_ Add money

Class_3LS_Week4_Tuesday_Convert pounds and pence

Class_3LS_Week 4_Contractions table

Class_3LS_Week 4_Monday_Pounds and pence

Week 3: 25th January

Class_3LS_week 3_plan

Class_3LS_week 3_ 100 squares to cut

Class_3LS_week 3_chapter 3 vocabulary

Class_3LS_week 3_chapter 4 comprehension

Class_3LS_week 3_Divide 2-digits by 1-digit

Class_3LS_week 3_My Identity

Class_3LS_week 3_Scaling

Class_3LS_week 3_Tuesday chapter 3 comprehension

Week 2: 18th January

Class_3LS_wk 2_plan

Class_3LS_wk 2_Tuesday comprehension

Class 3LS_wk 2_ Monday_speech bubble worksheet

Class_3LS_wk 2_Tuesday Maths

Class_3LS_wk 2_Monday Maths

Week 1: 11th January


Class_3LS_wk1_Firework Maker’s Daughter

Class_3LS_wk1_Multiply 2 digits by 1 digit

Class_3LS_wk1_Multiply 2 digits by 1 digit sheet 2

Class_3LS_wk1_Related calculations

Class_3LS_wk 1_Comparing statements