Headteacher’s Letter 1st November 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,
I hope that the half-term holiday has been an enjoyable break despite the weather. I also hope that you have enjoyed our YouTube Harvest Video.
I wanted to reassure you, after yesterday’s month lockdown news, that all procedures are in place to ensure your child’s safety as schools remain open and attendance continues to be compulsory. Vigilance within our system is of the utmost importance so that our education at Beecroft is uninterrupted. It means a lot of hand-washing, separate zones/bubbles and a considered approach to everything we do. We want children in school so that the vital learning continues. I am pleased that education will not be affected by the month lockdown and that school is compulsory. You made a great effort in the first half term. Thankyou! Please continue to support us as we make up the time lost from March 2020.
I have already communicated with staff who are taking great care out of school to enable us to run smoothly. Our staff meetings are on Teams to limit adult to adult contact. Please can I respectfully repeat – only one parent to accompany and pick up, please ring or email – no conversations at the classroom doors, please keep your distance from others and wear a face covering during the short drop off time. All our timings remain the same.

We look forward to welcoming all our pupils tomorrow – Monday 2nd November.

Best wishes,
J Turner

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