Headteacher’s Update and Newsletter 7th December 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,

Who would have imagined that 2020 would finish with the Covid Pandemic? Thank you so much for all the support that we have received – the encouragement and thanks have been much appreciated. I am sorry that Reception children have caught the virus and hope that they recover soon and that the whole family is not brought down with it. I am sorry that we had to send all Reception home – especially as we had done so well from June to December and we were not complacent in our safety measures. I am also sorry that our usual Christmas events have been put on hold – Christmas Concerts, Winter fair, disco’s, Nativity, consultation evenings, open evenings, FAB events (there is a mini version of a Reception nativity in the winter video). Beecroft Primary School has not been as we know it. Things will get back to normal by spring – I hope.

The events in the next two weeks are:
Friday 11th December: Christmas jumper or cultural clothes day. (Donation to Save The Children)
Monday 14th December: Years 5 and Year 6 waking bus trial to Milford Car Park (Please return the letters)
Thursday 17th December: Christmas Parties – wear your own clothes all day.
Winter Video: there will be a winter video with music and orchestra ready by the end of term. We are hoping that Reception recover in time for their nativity on the 16 December when filming will take place.

In class, children will be watching a pantomime and a production of the nativity by St George’s Crypt.

We break up for the mid-winter/Christmas holiday on 18th December and return to school on 4th January. I hope that this provides an opportunity for you to meet with family (not too many!) and to feel refreshed after such a difficult number of months. If anyone is in need for any reason – food, upset, stress – do contact me. We have contacts for food parcels and help. All phone calls are in the strictest confidence.

I wish you a healthy and peaceful 2021

Best wishes as we look towards 2021 with hope and optimism,

J. Turner

Beecroft Primary School

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