Headteacher’s Letter 12th January 2021.

(Reminder February Half-Term Holiday: The school is NOT open to any children and is still a holiday: Close Friday 12th February and re-open Monday 22 February)

Dear Parent/Carer,
Thank you for all the positive and supportive comments about Beecroft’s handling of the sudden announcements made just a week ago. As you will know we have remained open throughout and now have two groups of pupils – those vulnerable and of critical workers in school and those out of school who are remote learning. There has been high demand, from parents, for children to continue in school. We have not turned anyone down and have been generous in our interpretation of critical worker. All nursery children can attend as normal as government guidance is that they need the early development offered by professionals in school. If your nursery child is not in nursery, please do not let them miss their early education – it is not too late to send them.

Pupils’ In School: All classes are receiving continued daily timetabled teaching by their year group teachers and the week is organised just as it would be in ‘normal times’. It is better for children’s wellbeing that they are in their usual year groups and continuing with their education. They can socialise with their friends in the normal routines of breaks and lunchtimes. ( All health and safety measures and separate zones are operating as we have done since September.) There is no change for those in school. There is no change for the teachers who are with their classes and teaching every day in school.

Pupils’ At home on Remote learning: ALL pupils who needed a laptop or chrome book have been given one. (We spent £30,000 of our own money buying 80 chrome books this year) No child has been left without the technology and we have given many families a laptop for each child, in the family, if needed. As we were only entitled to 4 laptops from the government, Beecroft has done extremely well in its offer. All pupils, at home, have the same books and work as those in school and will be able to access Teams and use the live and recorded work. Work for remote learning is the same as that for children in school. Please do the work as asked on the timetable. Teachers are teaching all week and are having to prepare the remote learning as well – it is a double workload. Staff cannot respond to individual emails and assignments need to be ‘handed in’ as explained on Teams. It is expected that all pupils take part – and it is not an option to do nothing. (This will be followed up.)

There will be two Friday additional live wellbeing lessons from Mrs Carter, each week at 1pm for Key Stage 1 and Reception and 1.45 for Key Stage 2 Years 3-6.
Monday 9.00 Key stage 1, Monday 9.45 key Stage 2 – each week – how to get going and organised.

This has been a challenging week for staff, in school, who have had to do double the work for in and out of school learning. I know that you will join with me in thanking them and that you will be mindful of the considerable pressure that the lockdown announcement made. As always, Beecroft has gone the extra mile in its commitment to its families.

Please continue to support us at this difficult time as we will do our best to support you.

Best wishes,
J. Turner


Beecroft Primary School

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