Summer Reading Challenge

We are asking all our children to take part in the Summer Reading Wild World Heroes Challenge, as reading is a vital skill for learning and is the most important thing for your child to practise at home. The challenge is launched on Saturday 10th July and is an excellent way to keep your child engaged with their reading over the summer break.  

The challenge is to go to your local library and read 6 books over the summer holidays; however, this year children can also set their own personal goals and read books online for FREE too!  It is easy to take part in and you can choose whether to do so in person at the local library or online @

On completing the challenge each child will receive a medal/certificate from the library. They will also receive 30 colour points at school if they bring in their medal/certificate by Monday 13th September 2021 and be entered into a prize draw.  

If children are entering online and completing online tasks such as reviews and recommendations, please monitor this and discuss the SMART rules with your child – an emphasis needs to be on R for respect, making sure what they post is kind/respectful. 

Our local library is Headingley (a half hour walk from school), however it does not matter which library you choose books from and return them.  

Have a great summer holiday and good luck with the challenge! 

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