Headteacher’s Update: Monday 25th March 2024

Spring Break – Break up Thursday 28th March, Return To School Monday 15th  April 

Dear Parents/Carers,
Thank you for supporting our staff Ofsted celebration when we closed early on Thursday last week. The staff and governors enjoyed the opportunity to have afternoon tea together.

Visitors: Rev Andy ( St George’s Crypt) and Imam Quasim (Beecroft Governor) have taken assemblies on Lent and Ramadan respectively, over the last two weeks.

Music In The Hall: Thursday 28 March at 2.30. All Key Stage 2 are taking part in singing, dance, drama and playing their musical instrument. Tickets £1 including refreshments.

FAB Spring Raffle: On sale in the playground and at Music In The Hall. The raffle will be drawn at the end of this event.

Mobile Phones: Children cannot bring a mobile phone to school for any reason. School cannot be responsible for a mobile’s safe keeping and we have no storage to take care of them. Please support us in this matter as a mobile phone has no place in a primary school. Thank you.

Sport: We wish our U11 football team well, as they play their Quarter Final Cup Match away @ St Joseph’s, in Wetherby tonight. Their success so far this season has been tremendous.

Thank you again for all your support which is always appreciated.

Enjoy the holiday – and the festivals of Eid and Easter.

Best wishes,

June Turner
Beecroft Primary School

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